Total Lot Maintenance



Our service was originated to relieve commercial and industrial businesses of the worries of employee accidents in the smooth flow of Pick Ups and Deliveries. We are entering our 54th year in serving the St. Louis area and have expanded our expertise for serving our clients as a safe and inexpensive snow removal service for this upcoming year. At present we operate over 100 snowplows, 30 salt trucks, 20 bobcats, and stock pile over 3000 tons of salt. We are also fully insured for your safety. We have expanded our snow plow and salting services by opening a new location at 1307 Granville Dr., Wentzville, MO., to help serve O'Fallon, Wentzville, and western St. Charles County.

Our Policy

Total Lot Maintenance offers a Zero Tolerance Policy for a higher level of service. This service allows us to actively monitor your site before, during, and after a storm. As a property owner this ensures you that all parking surfaces, drive lanes, and walkways are frequently cleared of all snow and ice accumulations. We monitor all weather activity within our facility to ensure your propery will never be adversely affected by any winter storms. We recognize that every propery has its own unique project details and we are here to help implement the plan that best fits your property's needs.

World Outdoor Emporium

World Outdoor Emporium has been serving the STL greater metro area for more than 30 years. Our prompt and inexpensive full service delivery will help make your life easier. Our friendly staff has plenty of industry experience to help you with any questions you may have from demolition to design. We have over 20 acres between our two convenient locations in St. Charles and Wentzville, MO. We are your one-stop shop for all your landscaping needs.


Equipment and Materials