Total Lot Maintenance


Snow Removal

Snow plows will be dispatched at an accumulation of 1" of snow. Plowing will be done in a neat and organized way so that every possible parking space will be available. In some cases we have no choice but to include windrows. If this is the case, windrows will be pushed tight and neatly to allow adequate pedestrian access to parking lot and smooth flow of traffic.

Ice Removal

Ice Removal is a key component in maintaining a clear and safe environment during a winter storm. With the experience and ongoing training with experts, Total Lot Maintenance is a leader in ice control. Our in-depth knowledge and expertise of the most environmentally safe, effective deicers and their proper usee is critical to keeping properties safe. Each property has its own specific needs that must be considered when using de-icing materials. Since each product works differently we will first analyze the property before offering any solutions. Some of the major factors in analyzing a property include, average ground temperatures, amount of sunlight that the property is exposed to, forecasts, any landscape concerns you may have, and which product would be the right application. We use numerous different products for de-icing purposes such as Salt, Potassium, and Calcium Chloride(Hot Mix).


Total Lot Maintenance uses a wide variety of specialized equipment to help us achieve the best results when it comes to snow removal on your property in a proficient time line. We understand there is no one tool that will work on every job site. As a quality snow removal company in the St. Louis area we stay on the cutting edge of equipment and training for our staff to ensure your property is equipped with the best tools and man power to keep your business open during winter storms. At present we operate over 100 snowplows, 30 salt trucks, 20 bobcats, and a fleet of 4 wheelers and pushers. Our trucks are equipped with automatic trip service to lessen the damage to any curbs or other obstructions. We do not recommend the use of Rubber Blades because we cannot guarantee the lots to be clean and safe.


Equipment and Materials