Total Lot Maintenance


Services Offered


Snow Plowing

Total Lot Maintenance has over 100 snowplows to keep your lots clear. We maintain your lot from sidewalks, roadways, and entrances to ensure that you are open during the worst storms.

Snow Removal

Sometimes the snow fall is too large or your lot is too small to allow for snow to remain on the premise. Total Lot can remove the snow to ensure that your business continues to operate as it should.

Ice Removal

When Ice storms hit typical snow plow methods fail. Total Lot has the ability to remove layers of ice from your parking lot to keep your customers and employees safe.

Bobcat Service

Do you have a lot that is too small for a truck with a standard




When you have a snow storm or ice storm heading your way it is important to prepare your lot before the storms hits. Total Lot has the salt reserves and equipment to place salt down on your lot before ice becomes a problem.

Calcium Chloride Spreading

Different lots and types of surfaces might become damaged by the use of salt. Total Lot has other products available to ensure that the lot can be kept safe without compromising its integrity.

Snow Shoveling

Total Lot Maintenance can clear your entry ways to your business, sidewalks, and patios to keep foot traffic moving.

Side Walk Crews

Sidewalks on your property can be critical pathways to allow customers an employees to gain access. We have an extensive staff ready to serve your needs.


Special Services


On-Site Consultations

Before commiting to service it is important to analyze the lighting conditions, landscape, and average ground temperatures of your lot.

Free Estimates

Total Lot representatives can come out to your location and give you a free no obligation estimate that meets your business's needs.

Quick and Accurate Invoicing

Total Lot Maintenance offers accurate reports of the work performed and fast invoicing so your records can stay up to date.

Per Time Programs

If your business needs are only on a per-instance snow and you do not need snow cleared each time, we can create a program for you.



Per Hour Programs

Do you have a fixed budget and a list of priorities. If so we can create a program that fits your budget needs.

Seasonal Contracts

Contracts can be drafted to cover each season as needed.

Customized Service Contracts

We can draft a contract that meets your service needs. We can consider budget, priorities, and timelines.

Emergency Response Service

If you are in need of snow removal service and do not have an existing contract with Total Lot we are capable of performing emergency snow service at your request.