Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose us?


We are a locally owned company that has been providing Snow Removal Services throughout the Saint Louis area for 60+ years,

and we are proud to say that many of our customers have been with us for over 20 years.

Total Lot Maintenance has a sister company in World Outdoor Emporium, with two locations: Wentzville and Saint Charles, MO.

Between the two stores, we have over 20 acres to stock pile over 6,000 tons of Bulk Salt, with quick highway access.

In addition to the storage of materials at our stores, we have satellite locations, strategically located throughout the area for quick and easy access.

Are you insured?

  Total Lot Maintenance is fully insured. We know the business and are fully liable.  Our job is to ensure the safety of your property and to help keep your business fully functional when snow and ice set in. 

Do you do service Residential Properties?

 No, we do not service Residential Properties. The scope of our work is primarily Commercial, Industrial and Retail Properties.